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Canonical Issues on Gelatine - H.I. Dr. Farrokh Sekaleshfar - English
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist consists of all 11 parts of series of lectures delivered by Dr Sekaleshfar on Canonical Issues on Gelatine. Dr Sekaleshfar has covered a number of scenarios commonly encountered in...

[For Kids] Pehla Qadam - Short Videos - Urdu
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist consists of series of short videos for children. \"PEHLA QADAM\" is a DVD formulated to create a base of both religious and worldly knowledge. The novel feature of this DVD...

Majalis - Test and Trials - Maulana Muhammad Baig - English
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist includes the lectures of Maulana Mohammad Baig on the topic of Test and Trials. These lectures were delivered in the month of Safar 1431. More lectures will be added to this playlist...

Ali Deep Rizvi - 2010 Munqabat - Urdu
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist contains the latest munqabat releases by Ali Deep Rizvi.

Seminar : Fikr e Khomeini (r.a) & Defense of Islam - Urdu
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Created By: AliAli

A four day seminar on the ideology of Imam Khomeini (r.a) and defense of Islam.

Movie Series - Hazrat Bilal Habashi (r.a) - Arabic
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist includes all parts of the movie series about a great companion of Rasool Allah (sawaw).

HIZBALLAH Martyrs Interviews and their Wills - PL2 - URDU
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist includes videos of wills of Hizballah martyrs. These martyrs were martyred by Israel during the 33 days war in Lebanon when Israel attacked Lebanon in 2006. Israel lost because of...

Abu Ruhullah Majalis 2023
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Created By: islam8

Abu Ruhullah Majalis 2023 Toronto Canada

Ethical Knowledge in Nahjul Balagha اخلاقِ علی ع اور شيعہِ علی ع - AMZ - Urdu
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Created By: AliAli

There are 10 lectures in this series that promote the ethics and morals in the teachings of Imam Ali (a.s)

[URDU Documentary] Imam Musa Sadr - ALL PARTS - sub English
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Created By: AliAli

This playlist includes all four parts of the documentary Al-Sayyed Ak-Mughaib Imam Musa Sadr. Imam Musa Sadr was an Iranian-born Lebanese philosopher and a prominent Sh??ah religious leader who...