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Nohay latmiya Mix languages
Videos: 9
Views: 4097

Urdu English Arabic Persian

Towards A Balanced Life - Workshop by Sheikh Salim Yusufali - English
Videos: 3
Views: 5567

Ever wondered how to best manage your time effeciently so that you are effective at work, home and community? Are you striving to create a balance between different aspects of your life? Watch this...

3rd Annual Workshop for Zakiraat - November 2010 1432 - Urdu
Videos: 6
Views: 4228

This is an annual workshop organized for Zakiraat as part of preparation of upcoming Muharram (Ayam-e-Aza). The sessions was attended by dozens of lady speakers from Toronto. A good number...

Youth Sessions with Sheikh Salim Yousaf Ali - Toronto -Safar 1431 2010
Videos: 4
Views: 6212

All three sessions are highly recommended for our young kids & teenagers (even adults will find them useful inshaAllah).

Workshop for Zakireen Toronto - 2009 1431 - Urdu
Videos: 5
Views: 5536

2nd Annual Workshop for Urdu Zakireen of North America (mainly Toronto)

CASMO World Women's Day Celebration 2010 - English
Videos: 16
Views: 9757

The event was organized by Canadian Shia Muslims Organization (CASMO) to celebrate the birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatima SA.

Tajweed Lessons - Urdu
Videos: 14
Views: 14823

A great collection of 14 Tajweed e Quran lessons in Urdu


Intizaar means preparing for the zahoor. MashaAllah - thx for sharing brother.

  •  Commented on: November 18, 2013

Last elections was a really good political exercise that every political force has to go through. There are many fruits that this participation will pay off - one of the biggest one in mind is that our scholars/political workers are able to reach out to common people throughout the country.

  •  Commented on: May 22, 2013

When many of the pundits were predicting that Majlis will not get more than a few hundred votes and that too from just a few constituencies, securing two provincial seats in a pretty good start. No doubt that there is a long way to go. It will take serious efforts, committment and resources to attract voters - it won't and cannot happen overnight.

  •  Commented on: May 22, 2013

@MyTv - agreed that we need more statistics to do a more in depth analysis. However, as brother Shirazi has mentioned, this is the first step - we had to start from somewhere.

  •  Commented on: May 22, 2013

All 14 lessons can be viewed here:

  •  Commented on: September 10, 2011

Very nice yet precise

  •  Commented on: August 02, 2011

Yeh Lushkar kis ka? Haider Ka
Yeh Jaan Humari Haider Ki
Maa Baap Fidaa Hain Haider Per
Aulaad Fidaa hai Haider per

  •  Commented on: June 24, 2011

Very professional and elegant report. @nakvisson - consider becoming a full-time journalist if you are not doing so already.

  •  Commented on: June 09, 2011

Isn't it about time that we encourage our youth to study subjects and ultimately adapt professions that could facilitate positive change in the society.

  •  Commented on: June 08, 2011

I think agha is advising youth and their parents to change their focus and priorities. Traditionally, we have been selecting careers that are regarded as stable and mostly self-serving. It's very important that we start adapting careers and professions based on the needs of Ummah and the society.

  •  Commented on: June 08, 2011

Last night watched this serial for the very first time. Amazing production by all standards. Equally neat work of dubbing by Payyam. Takes us 1400 years back in history. Really makes you ponder.

  •  Commented on: March 09, 2011
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